Over the years Ambient Arts Agency has developed a unique visual and audio identity by collaborating with innovative media and arts partners.

We have a long-term association with contemporary music labels such as Sargasso and Blue Serene Focus, designing many of their CDs and producing several promo videos for their artists including Mysteries Of The Revolution, The BazaarsDaniel Biro, Echo Engine, and more.

Other partners have included Carey Jones Architects, for whom we have produced archtecture-themed promo videos, and Hole In The Wall media production company. We often work on complete design packages that can include logos, websites, stationery, videos etc. to ensure a unified and consistent identity for our clients. See our Works section for examples.

On the multimedia side of our activities, our composers and video artists have been involved in many performing arts events, providing soundtrack and visuals for contemporary dance companies, TV documentaries, sound installations, corporate and commercial films, advertising campaigns. More ambitiously, we can develop complete sound-design and visual environments to enhance any public or private surroundings. Make your space or event something special!

Of course, we’re also happy to design one-off leaflets or websites, from simple to complex. Because our overheads are low (no expensive West-End offices…), we are extremely competitive price-wise and will gladly discuss budget-conscious projects.

Contact us now to see how we can help.